Puberty 2.0

Adventures in Coming Out Trans

A collection of stories about coming out of the transgender closet.

💜 Victoria Quinn 💜
2 min readMar 20, 2022

Photo of the author’s purple journal with a tree and birds on the cover.
Photo by Victoria Quinn

Yesterday I was writing my fifth coming out story and I realized that I was missing a significant chapter of Puberty 2.0; coming out! The main reason I think I was negligent in adding this part of my transition to my second puberty story is primarily that I wrote most of them before the concept of this existential redo had been fully realized. Those initial coming-out events gave me the confidence and courage to proceed in this revised version of a proper puberty. So without further ado, please enjoy my adventures in coming out as a transgender woman.

If the concept of Puberty 2.0 is foreign to you or you need better context, I recommend starting with chapter one, but I’ll also link to the table of contents below.

💜 Victoria Quinn 💜

Trans girl — Amateur Etymologist, Expert Alliterationist, Professional Synonymist. I write about my transgender journey, sometimes hilarious, sometimes not.